Wednesday, January 16, 2008

He had this face everytime a present was put in front of him. He loved it!

Kyson loved opening the presents a lot more than what was in the present. He was a little overwhelmed this year. It was a little too much.

We spent Christmas in Utah this year, its just not Christmas when its 80 degrees outside. At my grandma's house my grandpa's brother dresses up like Santa every Christmas eve and goes around the neighborhood handing out Candy Canes to all the kids. Kennedy was so glad he came around on Christmas Eve because she was so worried about Santa not knowing she was in Utah. She was so relieved that he saw her and so he knew she was in Utah.

Kennedy loves to take pictures and I have to say she does a lot better job than I do.

Girls night out! A few of us went to dinner before Christmas before everyone left to go home for the holidays.

Kennedy and Kyson eating Gogurt. Its so fun to watch how much he looks up to his big sis. He follows her everywhere and tries to do everything she does.

Happy Birthday Princess!

Getting all dolled up at the party!

Kennedy's 4th birthday party! At Claire's Boutique you can choose from a number of different birthday party theme's. She wanted to do a dress-up party so they close the store for two hours and dressed them up, had a fashion show, and pretty much gave them a free reign of whatever they wanted in the store for that two hours. I brought cupcakes and ice cream and did her birthday right there in the store. At the end Kennedy gave all the girls a gift card for $15 dollars for anything they wanted in the store. The girls loved it and Kennedy truely felt like a princess!