Monday, September 22, 2008

Uncle Bret

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Sandcastles and Seaweed

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Kyson is 2!!!

We celebrated his birthday at the second best place on earth.....Chuck E Cheese! It was fun to have my brother here to celebrate his birthday with us. I guess the terrible two's officially start!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We went up to Orlando for the weekend and were able to go to all the parks, have lunch with the princesses, and relax for a change. Its been so fun to live close to Disney World and to be able to go up a few times since we've been here. I don't know how many more times we'll be able to do it before we leave. The kids are at a perfect age and Kennedy was so excited to finally be 40 inches tall so she could do all the big rides. The only one she didn't like was splash mountain because she said her stomache came into her mouth. We also buzz lightyear over 20 times and after any other ride Kyson would say "go do buzz?"

Lunch with the Princesses

We were finally able to book a lunch with the princesses. The waiting list is months long to get a reservation but someone canceled and we were able to go. Kennedy just loved it. When you walk in they have Belle waiting for you at the door and escorts her to her table. Once you order and start eating one by one the princesses walk around and come to your table. The first princess that came was Aurora. As I reach into my purse to grab my camera I realize I have left it in the stroller with Neal. I text him to have him bring it to me and as we wait the next princess that comes by is Ariel. Then Cinderella. Then Jasmine. Then Belle. So by the time Neal gets back I've missed them all. It gets better... I talked to the waitress and she made arrangements to have them stop by our table on their way out. So I've got my camera ready and we see Aurora coming. I turn my camera on and my battery sign starts flashing. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! So after all that these are the only two we got and needless to say my "mother of the year" award went to someone else.

Playing in the water fountain. Kyson was laughing so hard at Kennedy he couldn't keep his balance.