Saturday, April 19, 2008


Batters Up!

Kennedy and Coach Chris

Kenna's #1 Fan

Kennedy's Real #1 Fan

Playing First Base (the envied position)

Practice Swing

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Midnight Snack

Kyson decided right before it was time to go to bed that he was hungry. With his appetite (or lack thereof) we'll let him eat whenever he wants!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

TO NO AVAIL.........

Three out of the four of us had seen "Wicked" and loved it so much we thought we'd try a girls night out and see if we could get lucky again. This time the word must have gotten out because there were a lot more people there. We didn't get tickets but since we were already out we might as well hit The Cheesecake Factory. And that we did!

"Wicked" Cool

While Neal's mom and sister were here the musical "Wicked" was in town. We didn't have tickets and the shows were all sold out. We heard through a friend of ours that they set aside 20 tickets every show and raffle them off about two hours before the show for $25 dollars each. Our chances didn't seem very good but we tried it anyway. There were for of us so we all put our name in and with lots of fasting and praying it worked!!! We got 4 tickets on the 3rd row for $25 bucks. First of all I have to say, I'm really not into things like this but mother and sister-in-law promised I'd like it. Well............I loved it! After the show I got the cd and me and Kennedy know every song by heart.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


We had a fun week this week. Neal's mom and sister came out so we got to spend some time with them. The first night they got here we went to Princess' on Ice. Neal wasn't able to go so we had an extra ticket and Kennedy invited her friend Madilyn. Kennedy was dressed up like Giselle from the movie Enchanted (our new fav) and Madi was dressed up as Belle. The girls loved it! We had a funny /unfortunate incident on the way out of the stadium. As most of you know downtown Miami isn't the place to be after dark. We were walking out of the stadium and a homeless man was sitting on the sidewalk with his hand out and some change in it. Since he was sitting down he was exactly on the girls level. Without thinking Madi reached out and gave the poor guy (no pun intended) five and his change went flying everywhere. We felt so bad at first and didn't know whether to help him pick it up or run like mad. Luckily there were enough people walking we just got lost in the crowd. Poor Madi felt so bad and kept saying "why did I do that?" But needless to say the night was a hit! We also went to the beach while they were here and hit the park a few times. It was so fun to have them here and I loved the help. Thanks Grandma and Lacey for coming to see us. We miss you! Oh, one more thing.....we went to "Wicked" while they were here but I'll write about that next post when I get my pictures. P.S. don't mind Kennedy's face in this picture, she isn't going to kill anyone she just had to go to the bathroom. I made her pose for the picture before intermission. For some reason I cant find the other pictures I took at Princess' on Ice.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Praying for Sadie...

I read something today that made me re-evaluate my life and the priorities in it. A friend of mine told a story of her friends precious little girl named Sadie Huish. She was diagnosed a few weeks ago with a brain tumor that has wrapped itself around her brain stem making it impossible to treat. Her family has set up a blog in her behalf with pictures and updates on her progress. After reading about this little girl and her family I realized how truly blessed I am in my life. It made me think about how short life really is and how fast it can be taken from you. I I doing the things I need to be doing as a wife/mom/sister/daughter and friend? Can I do more? What is truly important in this life? So the next time you have a bad day, think about this family and the trials their going through in their life. I've attached a link of this brave little girl and the minute you see her she will steal your heart......I promise.