Saturday, April 19, 2008

Batters Up!

Kennedy and Coach Chris

Kenna's #1 Fan

Kennedy's Real #1 Fan

Playing First Base (the envied position)

Practice Swing


MM said...

I love it. I am so jealous and can't wait until we can watch Simon and Liv play.

Rena said...

Too cute. I love the way she runs. We thought Emma's Sat. game was her last. Then coach told us there were 2 more make-up games. Ugh! They are cute when they play though aren't they?

James and Tricia Thomas said...

She is too cute!!!

Deb & Chad Crowther said...

How darling! Kenna is so dang cute! You've got to tell me when one of her next games are (for whatever sport she's in next) cause I think it would be so fun/funny to watch! :-) Love it!!!

Liz.Jeff.Ethan said...

Shanny, I'm a pretty pathetic blogger, but Jeff's at a concert and I've got two sleeping children, so I'm catching up. I love the look of your blog. I also love that you have a kid old enough to be in T-ball. She looks like a natural, maybe she'll teach Ethan a few tricks (poor guy had no idea how to swing when he was playing with his little friends the other day!) Anyways, I'm excited to keep in touch with you this way, oh P.S. you look beautiful.

Jason & Ashlee said...

Hey Shan,

Kenna's a natural. She looks like she is having such a fun time. Is she just loving it? It's still so weird to me that you have 2 kids. They are so cute!!! Hey - I heard it is pretty easy to get a plane ticket. Will you be making plans to visit AZ soon or what. I hope all is well - and I might be a little jealous you call Jason and not me ;) Take care.

McHenrys said...

Um hi. I'm just figuring this all out so I now realize that I can read and leave comments. Fun. Thanks for yours you nice friend of mine. I do see my blog couter telling me that we have 41 days here. I'm really, really gonna miss you. Cutest blog though! You're real #1 fan pic is darling.