Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April Happenings

Its been a while since I've posted anything and it would take forever to catch up on all the things going on. So here's the shortened version......Trip to Utah, trip to Argentina, trip to Arizona, back to Utah for a Jazz game, Western Boards, Easter, selling our condo, trying to rent our condo, cleaning carpets, packing up the house, changing diapers, trying to find a house in Arizona, did I mention cleaning carpets?, Arizona state licensing test, researching elementary schools, BBQ's, school, and 3 kids! Just to name a few.


Brown Family said...

Hey Shan!!!
Good to see you on the blog again. I wish Kaylee and I could fly there and help you get packed up to go! Good luck with it all. We're looking forward to having you a little closer to home. So close, yet still so far away :-( Love ya!

Jason and Ashlee said...

Busy, busy Baugh's. Boston - is so not little anymore - well he is, but you know what I mean. He's so stinking cute. And WHAT.... you guys were in AZ and you didn't even call us, let us know!!! and I thought we were friends.

If you need help with anything, ya know - cause we live in AZ and can help you with AZ stuff - let us know. In fact, when are you guys moving here? or is that a secret too ;)

Amy said...

Good luck with the move....your family is adorable! I hope Arizona will be good for y'all.

Michelle said...

So fun to see pictures. I especially like the videos. Kyson being superman was so funny! Can't wait to see you all. How come you come too late to plant the garden at Grammys??? I think you all planned it that way. Oh well, there will be plenty of weeding for you when you get here (just giving you something to look forwarad to!) (PS - this is Kris, if I would have realized I was on Michelle's log on I would have posted a VERY different comment!)

McHenrys said...

Wait, so did you guys move out of your condo? Where are you now and where exactly will you be in Az? Good luck with all that. Luv u