Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First day of school

My little girl started school last week and loves every minute of it. In our school district Kindergarten is all day with a choice to come pick them up before lunch for a half day. I asked her if she wanted to just do a half day, and she looked at me like I was idiot. On the first day of school I was so worried about forgetting to send her with lunch that I forgot to feed her breakfast. So I was not only a basket case as I left her but once I remembered she didn't eat you can imagine my morning. 5 days later I still cry when I drop her off and lose her in the crowd of kids. Every morning she says to me, "mom, I'll be just fine......I'll see you at 3:00." (wait....who is the mother?) What would she say if she knew I drive by the school at recess to see if I can see her on the playground. She loves her teacher and loves the fact she has red hair just like her. She has met a lot of new friends and thinks she's pretty cool eating lunch in the cafeteria. We will see how long the love for cafeteria food lasts. Love you Kenna!


Pryors said...

oh:( i almost started crying for you. all day, really. its crazy how fast they grow! She is darling I can hear her saying "I'll be just fine." Miss you!

Shaunna said...

I still can't believe our girls are old enough to be in school all day. She looks so cute and ready to be there.

melissa said...

She looks so cute! I cant imagine how hard kindergarten must be. Seems like yesterday you brought her in to the office as a newborn! KINDERGARTEN..SERIOUSLY!
Geez..Roman is just starting preschoo at 4yrs old 3 times a week and I am a mess! I like the drive by the playground idea to spy..thanks for the tip!

Rickie said...

That first day of Kindergarten is pretty tough. Afton was the same way last year. She was like "see ya later mom, Now Leave!" I can't believe how fast they're growing up. It's so fun to see them change, but it makes me sad too.

Shelly said...

She's adorable, and I am cracking up at the thought of you stalking the school to catch a glimpse of her!! :) Its so sad when they become so independant, but so good too isn't it?? How is life in Arizona??? Do you love it?

Bellblogging said...

What a cute girl! I really think they do handle it a little better than we do! All day? That is crazy! Good luck!

Brown Family said...

I can totally relate to your story, and guess what....It feels exactly the same dropping them off at college! Lots of tears for TyTy! Being a mom is just the greatest thing in the world! Especially when you're blessed with sweet kids like your Kenna and my Ty! Looking forward to seeing you!
Lots of love and Kleenex!

Jason and Ashlee said... poor girl. That has to be so hard to let them go. Thankfully she is loving it. She looks so dang cute in her outfit. Let's get together soon.