Sunday, August 2, 2009

Random Happenings

The Boss-Man
My adorable niece Logan and my brother
Uncle Shane and Kennedy
I cant figure out who Kyson looks like????


melissa said...

Shannon..It's so great to see posts and pics from you. Your family is so darling! Congrats to neil on graduation and Arizona! I figured you gave up on blogging for facebook like the rest of the world. Although..I am still all about blogging! Will you be in Utah for the holidays? We will be there for 5 weeks..Jason coming back to NC in between holidays. If me and I sure hope within the 5 weeks..we can set up some time to meet. Much love..melissa C

Pryors said...

So glad you finally updated, i have been wanting to see pictures of Boss man so bad. He is so cute, he is getting big. miss you!!!!

Brown Family said...

Great posts Shan! It's good to see you on the Blog again. I thought you'd completely gone Facebooky! Your family is so dang cute! I love seeing pics of you all. I love the blog cuz you get narrative and yours is always entertaining! We miss you!

JennMatt said...

You have a darling family, it is good to see an update. You should also post some pics of your new house. We want to see it.

Amy said...

Boston is adoarble....and congratulations!