Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kyson turned 3!

Kyson is really into dinosaurs right now so we had a dinosaur party for him at the park. By the looks of these pictures you would never believe he had a good time but he really did love it. We were lucky enough to have Bret and Amberly out here with us to celebrate.
Kyson is such a fun kid to have around and always keeps us laughing. He is a pretty mellow kid (unless he is trying to wrestle Boston) and is really good to go with the flow of things. He loves to tease his sister every chance he can because he knows her tears are really close to the surface, and when those come he is victorious!
He finally loves to go to nursery and every week it is a guessing game as to what the snack will be. On the way to church we all have to take a guess as to what we think the snack is and on the way home he is so excited to declare the winner.
I still have 3 years with him before he starts kindergarten and somedays I admit 3 years seems like forever, but for the most part I am so glad he will be around. I don't know what I would do without him.